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Air Quality Permits


We regulate stationary sources that emit regulated pollutants to the atmosphere. The District does this in part by issuing air quality permits for the construction and operation of stationary equipment that emits regulated pollutants. Remember, to get your permit before you begin the construction of your project. Visit our Business Permit page for more information and payment options.

Business Permit Page

Open Burning

Open Burn Permits are required by state law in California, from the local air district, to dispose of vegetative material outdoors by open burning. Non-vegetative material may never be burned and barrel burning is prohibited by law. This includes residential, agricultural, and prescribed open burning. Visit our Open Burn Permit page for more information and payment options.

Open Burn Permit Page

Asbestos Notification & Smog Exemption


Renovation or demolition of structures that contain asbestos requires advance notification to the District and handling by EPA-certified contractors. Asbestos is considered a toxic pollutant by Federal and State law because it is known to cause or contribute to cancer. All forms of asbestos are considered toxic and no safe exposure level has been determined for residential areas. The District FAQ, below, provides specific District information.

Smog Exemption

Annual smog inspections are not required in the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District territory, upon acceptance of a smog exemption letter by the DMV. In general, California requires a transfer of ownership; re-registration within the state to another District; or any vehicle being registered from out of state to have an initial smog check. Some exceptions may apply to this and to classic or specialty vehicles, pursuant to DMV.

Persons wishing to receive an exemption letter should email the following information to the District :

  • Name of registered vehicle owner
  • Phone Number
  • License Plate of registered vehicle
  • Address of vehicle registration
  • Last 4 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Free Consultation Available

We’re here to help to ensure you have the right permit application. Contact us for a free consultation at 707-433-5911 or airquality@sonoma-county.org. We can also provide bi-lingual support material and field assistance, upon request.