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Grants & Incentives

Invested in Community

For 25 years we’ve supported the communities we serve through Clean Air Incentive Programs that help maintain excellent air quality. We harness funding and grants to create initiatives that benefit individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations.


Community contributions since 1995


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Clean Air, Everywhere
Community Grant Programs

NoSoCoAir is proactive in its clean air mission by crafting and offering District incentive programs to reduce air pollution and to provide GHG reductions that help us to meet county and state climate sustainability targets. For example, the District’s Go Green! EV incentive program reduces pollution by removing combustion vehicles from the roads and supports the development of an EV charging infrastructure. The District’s Burn Clean! Wood Stove program destroys old dirty stoves, reduces black soot, a powerful climate change pollutant, and provides an option to electrify heating. The Carl Moyer program provides options to remove dirty diesel engines from operation with cleaner engines or conversion to electric operation.

Diesel Engine Update / Replace

Carl Moyer

​​​​Replace, repower or retrofit qualifying diesel engine-powered equipment or vehicles with newer, cleaner, diesel engines. The District is currently providing assistance for: marine vessel repower, some stationary agricultural pumps, and off-road diesel equipment, including tractors. Applicants may receive up to 80% replacement cost, depending on their project scoring.

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Moyer Program applications are accepted year round on a first come first serve basis. When funds are expended, remaining applications are placed in the queue for the next funding cycle.

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Wood Heating Appliances

Burn Clean!

Provides qualifying applicants a rebate to replace a non EPA-certified wood heating appliance with a new EPA-certified wood or pellet stove, or gas insert, or electric heat pump. Under this program, the old, non-certified appliance must be destroyed. Program includes supplemental assistance for qualifying Russian River Area and low income households. Please note that it is illegal to install or change ownership of a non-EPA certified stove.

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We will launch Version 2.0 of this program starting in early 2021 with new state funding.

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EVs & Public Chargers

Go Green!

Go Green! is on temporarily on hiatus as the District is currently a co-funding partner of the Sonoma Coast Incentive Project. This CALeVIP project will fund 6 million dollars of Level 2 and DC Fast chargers in Sonoma county over the next 3 years.

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Consider looking into the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project and the PG&E EV Rebate for additional funding available for Electric Vehicles.

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Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are optional and rules and restrictions apply. District Programs are available to residents within the NoSoCoAir territory only. Check with the map on our Home Page to verify that you live in NoSoCoAir. Funds are limited. See applications for full details and please contact the District with any additional questions.