Clean Air.
Good Living.

Fresh Air,
Not Fumes

Everyone deserves to breathe fresh air. In Northern Sonoma County, we’re surrounded by vineyards and farms, with plenty of open space to explore. We’re lucky to work and play outside most of the year. That’s why clean air is so important.

At the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (NoSoCo Air), we’re responsible for regulating the air quality in our region. We’re proud to help ensure our environment remains healthy, beautiful, and sustainable.

Live, Work, or Play Here?

There are two Air Districts in Sonoma County. Find out if you’re part of NoSoCo Air.

Need an Open Burn Permit?

Required by the state of California, apply for a permit to dispose of vegetative materials outdoors. Includes residential, agricultural, and prescribed open burning.

District Operations

We are currently closed for walk-in service during the COVID-19 pandemic. All essential services remain available. Please call (707) 433-5911 or e-mail for assistance. Thank you for your patience.

Don’t Get Burned by a Used Woodstove

The installation and sale or resale of a non-EPA certified wood heating appliance is strictly prohibited. Avoid penalties for non-compliance. Learn more about the regulations.

Smog Check Exemption

A vehicle registered in the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District territory may be issued a biennial Smog Check exemption.  Learn more…

General Board Meeting May 11th

The next general board meeting of the air district Board of Directors is May 11th.  The District presents a draft budget with public hearing.  Participation and agenda information.

Sonoma County Biomass Business Competition (BioBiz)

2021 Awards announced! Local entrepreneurs are reducing wildfire risk by developing a wood products industry in Sonoma County. Learn more about BioBiz and the winning projects.