Business Permits


Permit Process

The District permits stationary sources in a 2-step permit process. In the first step, a source applies for Authority to Construct (ATC) permit with temporary operation. This allows a source to modify existing equipment or construct/install new equipment and to operate for up to 12 months. Once construction is complete, the District inspects the site and reviews performance for compliance with applicable air quality requirements. Once compliance is verified, the District will issue the second permit, which is an ongoing Permit to Operate (PTO).

The District’s review and permitting process is described in District regulation R1-2-200. Facilities pay an application fee and an annual operation fee, as identified in District regulation R1-3-310. CARB provides a District rule index and search tool.

Do I Need a Permit?

You may if ​ you construct, modify, operate, or use a stationary or indirect source which may cause, potentially cause, reduce, control or eliminate the emission of air contaminants.

Due to regulatory requirements and the variety and potential complexity of these projects, permits cannot be automatically generated online. New applicants, please call to setup a free consultation and to receive application forms.

Online payment is an option for new and existing permits. Existing permit holders, please call (707) 433-5911 to receive your project’s fee amount and the link to the online payment portal. Online payment option provided by “GovPay” for credit or debit card and a service charge applies.

Regulation & Rule References

The District has EPA-approved authority and program elements to implement the Federal Title V and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air quality permit requirements (“SIP-approved”).

* Mobile sources (on-road and off-road vehicles), portable equipment, and GHGs are under the purview of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Free Consultation Available

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