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Valued Partnerships

We develop strategic partners at the federal, state, and local levels to support the District's clean air mission in various ways including endorsements for grants, program cross-advertising/promotion, program information sharing and co-development, and direct program funding. Our list of valued partnerships continues to grow...

Federal & State Partners

NoSoCoAir works with US EPA Region 9 and CARB under the Federal and State Clean Air Acts to implement its air quality regulatory program elements, including permitting, compliance and enforcement, air monitoring, and incentive programs.

NoSoCoAir implements impactful District programs that support AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 that requires California to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to 1990 levels by 2020.

NoSoCoAir works closely with CAL FIRE to conduct prescribed burning for forest management to mitigate the potential for catastrophic wildfires.

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County & Local Partners

NoSoCo Air works closely with the local government of the County of Sonoma and our incorporated cities of Healdsburg, Cloverdale, and Windsor.

NoSoCo Air supports the county framework of Climate Action 2020 and Beyond that commits to reduce GHGs 25% below 1990 levels, through community climate action plans. Focus is on near term actions that will achieve a 2050 goal of 80% below 1990 levels.

NoSoCo Air collaborates with County Departments and agencies, including: the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Agency, Sonoma County Transportation Authority, Center for Climate Protection, Energy and Sustainability Division, Water Agency and local fire districts.

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Professional & Business Partners

NoSoCo Air collaborates with neighboring air districts in Lake (LCAQMD) and Mendocino (MCAQMD) counties and the Bay Area (BAAQMD). BAAQMD has been a valued funding partner on several incentive programs.

NoSoCo Air performs advocacy for District issues with professional associations of the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association, National Association of Clean Air Agencies and legal services of CLERE, Inc.

NoSoCo Air works with business, including the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center, Sonoma County Farm Bureau, Sonoma County Winegrowers, Geysers Air Monitoring Program (GAMP), and Sonoma Clean Power.

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