Clean Air, Everywhere

Impactful Activities

In addition to its own grants and incentive programs, NoSoCoAir collaborates with local and state agencies and community partners to further its clean air mission by bringing more innovative programs and funding to our community. These include community projects, EV charging infrastructure, and local innovation to help reduce catastrophic wildfires.

In addition, the District participates in an advisory role to help planners and local government with complex air quality issues, including GHGs. It is not uncommon for Districts to be CEQA commenters and to assist planners with zoning and land use; to assist in the establishment of GHG thresholds; to prevent and address air quality nuisances; and to identify potential pollution impacts to sensitive communities.


Community Air Protection Program (CAPP)

In response to Assembly Bill (AB) 617 (C. Garcia, Chapter 136, Statutes of 2017), CARB established the Community Air Protection Program. The Program’s focus is to reduce exposure in communities most impacted by air pollution. Communities around the State are working together to develop and implement new strategies to measure air pollution and reduce health impacts.  NoSoCo Air Policies and Procedures for CAPP.


Sonoma Coast Incentive Project

The Sonoma Coast Incentive Project promotes easy access to zero-emission vehicle infrastructure for the purchase and installation of eligible electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Mendocino and Sonoma counties – with a total of $6.75 million in available funds over three years. $6 million will be available in Sonoma county with at least 25% of funds going to rural areas. The project is implemented by CALeVIP with funding from the California Energy Commission and co-funding from NoSoCo Air and Sonoma Clean Power.


Bio Biz Competition

NoSoCoAir proudly presents the Sonoma County Biomass Business Competition (Bio Biz Competition). The Competition seeks to turn wildfire risk in Sonoma County into an economic development opportunity. Through a county-wide collaboration of forest experts, business leaders and public officials, the Competition is looking to build a wood products industry in Sonoma from forest restoration projects by directly investing in entrepreneurs who can catalyze an untapped sector in California.

Reach Out to Us

Do you have a suggestion for a community air project? Would you like to request advisement or collaborate with NoSoCo Air on an air quality matter?