Air Quality Advisory: The Air Quality Index (AQI) is primarily “good” along the coast; however, the Point Fire, near Lake Sonoma at Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Road in Healdsburg, has rapidly grown to an estimated 550 acres.  Smoke is moving south-east, approximately along Highway 101  and creating “unhealthy” air quality conditions in Healdsburg, Windsor, and Santa Rosa.  “Unhealthy” air quality means that some members of the public may experience health effects.  Unhealthy air quality is likely to continue through Monday and until the fire is is reduced and extinguished.  Check our “Air Quality” page for air quality and AQI resources.

Clean Air.
Good Living.

Fresh Air,
Not Fumes

Everyone deserves to breathe fresh air. In Northern Sonoma County, we’re surrounded by vineyards and farms, with plenty of open space to explore. We’re lucky to work and play outside most of the year. That’s why clean air is so important.

At the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (NoSoCo Air), we’re responsible for regulating the air quality in our region. We’re proud to help ensure our environment remains healthy, beautiful, and sustainable.

Live, Work, or Play Here?

There are two Air Districts in Sonoma County. Find out if you’re part of NoSoCo Air.

What is an Air District?

This video shows the impressive work being done by the Air Districts of California, including NoSoCo Air.